20 May - October 24, 2021

Those who run here are actively doing something against one of the most insidious viral diseases. Polio, also known as polio, can be combated very well with vaccinations.

The global ROTARY organisation has therefore been pursuing the End Polio Now programme for years with growing success.

This run supports the END POLIO NOW campaign. You can run from May 20th to World Polio Day on October 24th.

Every run counts, whether running, jogging, walking or hiking.

This run supports the END POLIO NOW campaign.

Jede Impfe hilft. - Sei dabei!









Running for charity

END POLIO.RUN is a running event that combines sports with a purpose. Due to COVID-19, the run will take place as a remote run this year. All participants run on their own, but with one overarching goal: End Polio Now!

The personal running data are uploaded by each participant and published in a participant list.

The proceeds from the first END POLIO RUN are made up as follows:

  • EUR 10.00 of the entry fee go directly to the relief action
  • Each starter can voluntarily donate an additional contribution
  • Sponsors support the event with firmly pledged donations

Run with us and help to make the world a little better! END POLIO NOW!



A representative medal is part of a successful running event.

Check here what is waiting for you as a participant.

Regardless of the length of your run and your associated donation, you have earned this exceptional medal.

Worldwide fight against polio

The fight against polio is the biggest project the International Rotary Organisation has ever tackled in its 115-year history. Since 1988, with the help of powerful partners like the World Health Organisation, it has succeeded in ridding most of the world of polio through massive vaccination campaigns.

The aim is to completely interrupt the transmission chains. Thanks to the great progress made in recent years, the goal is within reach.

ROTARY is also near you: The international Rotary organisation has over 1,000 clubs in Germany alone, with members from a wide range of professions.

Das ROTARY-Motto "Serve above Self" lässt sich am besten übersetzen mit „Helfen steht über dem Eigeninteresse“ .